"The EPoS screen is designed for touch-screens,
visually pleasing and looks very professional."

It really requires a minimum of training as it is so intuitive in nature, so even those members of staff with little or no computer experience will be able to operate it. You can carry out either simple cash sales or more complex transactions where customer details are taken (useful for repeat orders and direct customer marketing).

When a product is sold, Addons, promotions and warranties applicable to that product will be displayed and can be quickly added to the sale.

Sale can be paid on a customer account, by finance or by direct integration with PDQ machines.

Rentals, HP agreements and maintenance agreements can be created straight from the POS screen

Full Serial number tracking

Full integration with delivery system

Direct emailing

Customer loyalty is a rarely rewarded thing these days, but we firmly believe in it, and so our system has the ability to print gift vouchers. either for customers to give to friends and family, or for you to give to customers as a reward for their continued business with you. We know that sometimes it really is the simple things that can make the biggest difference in th everyday running of your business, which is why our team puts so much effort into getting the little things right. If we can help improve the experience for your customers by just a few percent, we believe it is worth it. For example, our system produces barcoded receipts, to simplify the situation in case of any sales queries or returns. This also makes the lives of your staff easier, as they can just scan the receipt and the sales history will appear onscreen.