Our team know that not everybody is a computer expert, and as a small or multi-branch retailer,
what you want is a system that simply fits.

It needs to be able to run in the background, making your life easier rather than taking it over, and it needs to be intuitive, operated with a minimum of training, leaving you free to run your business.

This is exactly what RP2 gives you. During a free consultation with us, you can establish exactly what you do and do not need your system to be able to do, and if you’re not entirely sure, don’t worry. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your setup with RP2 goes as smoothly as possible.

Want to be able to automatically create a purchase order for suppliers once your stock reaches a certain level?
We can do that.
Want a delivery manifest system so you can arrange and alter customer deliveries at the click of a button?
We can help with that.
Our customers have yet to come up with a request that we cannot satisfy, or a system function that we cannot set up.

We believe that the key features of any business management system should be:
Easy and accurate stock control;
An intuitive EPoS system that sales staff can use immediately; and
The ability to assess the success or otherwise of product lines, to determine profitability and make decisions on future stock.

Stock Control
This could not be easier on RP2. Individual products can be added in seconds, or if you already have some sort of computer system, we can import your entire inventory into RP2. Stock levels will automatically update on all channels and at all relevant locations when an item is sold, reserved, returned etc. This includes Amazon and ebay, both of which we can fully integrate you with, as well as your own website and physical stores. When you receive stock from suppliers, you can enter it directly onto the system or simply confirm the purchase order that was created when you ordered the stock. It is also simple to set up ‘bundles’ making up-selling and cross-selling very simple. Whenever a product is sold that has related or linked products, such as a TV that would work well with a particular stand or surround sound system, the system can prompt sales staff to offer the products, and a ‘bundle’ price can be set up, saving the customer money over purchasing the individual products, whilst at the same time boosting revenue from items you may otherwise struggle to sell.

The EPoS front end is fully touch-screen compatible, visually pleasing and looks very professional. It really requires a minimum of training as it is so intuitive in nature, so even those members of staff with little or no computer experience will be able to operate it. You can carry out either simple cash sales or more complex transactions where customer details are taken (useful for repeat orders and setting up a customer database). The handy Leaderboard screen allows you to see at a glance your bestsellers from the past month, as well as which sales reps are currently carrying out the most sales and taking the most money. You even get a personalised greeting whenever you log in, a small touch that has proved very popular with our current customers!
Customer loyalty is a rarely rewarded thing these days, but we firmly believe in it, and so our system has the ability to print gift vouchers. either for customers to give to friends and family, or for you to give to customers as a reward for their continued business with you. We know that sometimes it really is the simple things that can make the biggest difference in th everyday running of your business, which is why our team puts so much effort into getting the little things right. If we can help improve the experience for your customers by just a few percent, we believe it is worth it. For example, our system produces barcoded receipts, to simplify the situation in case of any sales queries or returns. This also makes the lives of your staff easier, as they can just scan the receipt and the sales history will appear onscreen.

Assessment of current product lines
RP2 makes it very easy for you to see your product lines that are selling well, and also those that are not doing so well. it helps you to make the important decisions about which products to keep in stock, and which to bring to ‘end of line’ to allow for new stock. Maintaining fresh product lines is one of the most important aspects of keeping sales high and making sure the business remains profitable. Need more info