Reference Point Computers Ltd is a company that respects privacy of, and ownership of data. This privacy statement explains what data we collect, and for what purposes we use it.

What information we collect

The information we collect depends on your relationship with us. You may be a customer; someone interested in our news and marketing information or a visitor to our website. We have listed the different information we collect in sections below.

Website visitors

We do not track any information on our website unless you use our contact form, in which case we will store the details you have entered unless you ask us to remove them.


When you sign up for a Reference Point Computers Ltd account to become a customer we will collect further information about you. We will collect:

We use this information to fulfill our contract with you, among other things we will use it to:

We will also use this information to notify you of feature changes to the platform that you have service on. If a communication from us is not strictly necessary to us providing you with service, then we will always provide an option to not receive further similar messages. When you are a customer of ours you will likely be renting a software service and/or server from us. The data contained in this system is your data, and not ours. We act as a processor, and only process the data on your server with direct instruction from you. We take strenuous effort to ensure that only you can access the disc images backing your hosting products.

We will not give your data to any other party without thoroughly confirming the request (and its consequences) with you by email.

The only exception to this policy is when Reference Point Computers Ltd are presented with a legitimate legal warrant. In this instance we have notable exceptions to this policy:

Where this occurs:

The reason that we must do this in secret is because by informing you of information that you may not want us to release, you might choose to delete the information we’ve been requested to retrieve. That deletion would risk putting Reference Point Computers Ltd in contempt of court, and leave its directors open to prosecution.

Marketing subscriber

If you wish to receive marketing communication from us, we will collect your name and email address, and at the time of collection you will explicitly consent to receive communications from us. We will:

The way we handle your data for marketing reasons doesn’t change whether you are a customer or not. Even as a customer you would still need to give us permission to send you marketing emails.