Features of RP2

RP2 offers a unique experience, unmatched by anything
else available on the market today.It will fit your needs, whether you are a local,
single store retailer or a national,multi-store
business with a £multi-million turnover.

Selling on the web? No problem for the RP2 system, we offer full integration with your website, as well as integration into Amazon and eBay. We take all the hassle out of uploading your products, all stock information is stored on RP2 and is used to populate all channels, improving accuracy and continuity of information. This effectively turns your business into a multi-channel platform overnight, hugely increasing your potential customer base. Not only can we help you sell your products through Amazon and ebay, we can also connect you to Google Base meaning that your products will come up in Google results and will link people back to your site. This is a great way to signpost potential customers straight to your website, and once there, it is likely they will spend more money.

Furthermore, we can feed into Kelkoo, Pricerunner and Affiliate Window, high-quality and high-volume price-comparison sites. Shoppers are becoming ever more discerning, especially online when they can compare the prices of the same or similar products from any number of retailers in a matter of minutes. If you want customers to be buying from your site, then you need to be ranking high up on price comparison sites such as these.

One of the best aspects of RP2 is the depth and level of complexity; that is, it can be as simple or as complex as you, the customer, would like. Our initial customer base consisted mainly of electrical retailers, some of whom require great levels of details with stock control, serial-tracked and non-serial products, Hire-Purchase agreements, customer delivery systems etc. all of which RP2 handles. With our recent expansion into the general retail and fashion marketplace, these complex features essentially remain hidden if they are not required, so maintaining the ease of use and intuitive nature we at Reference Point are so keen to retain with RP2.

We know that as a retailer, keeping costs down is just as important as increasing sales, and RP2 can certainly help with that. By keeping accurate, up to the minute stock records, you will always know what stock you currently have, what is due in, and what needs ordering. The stock control screen shows you at a glance your current stock levels, including total and local stock, anything that is reserved for a customer or due in from a supplier.

The Stock Control tabs give immediate access to all the information you could need about a particular product, including costs to you and prices across your various channels. The various search options available allow you to quickly and easily find the products or group of products you are looking for.

It is quick and easy to find out what your slow moving products are. For example, you may want to search for all products you have in stock that have not had any sales in the past month - you could then quickly and easily apply a SPIV or some other promotion to these to encourage your sales people to sell them, or, you could post them all to eBay auctions to get rid of them.

You can set up minimum stock levels for each product, so that when that level is reached, the system prompts you to create a purchase order by adding those products to a ‘shopping basket’ that can be reviewed at any time. This means that stock is ready to be ordered immediately, but the manual confirmation ensures that you only get in what you want, and do not, for example, unintentionally restock an item you were planning to discontinue.

By using this ordering system, many of our customers find that they do not need to keep so much stock on premises at any one time. This in turn reduces overstocking, means that less money is spent on stock at any one time, and means that capital is not tied up in stock, thereby freeing it up for other purposes.

Below is a summary of all modules/features available in RP2. Our software is comprehensive and can handle most aspect of a business, please get in touch with us if you have any questions.


Stock Control and Auditing

Stock Movements

Stock Purchasing and Receipts