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Beacon Electrical

Beacon Electrical is one of the biggest independent electrical retailers in the South West, with stores in Plymouth, Plymstock and Totnes. Their head office and warehouse is located in Plymouth, and has RP2 installed, as do the 3 other Beacon Electrical stores. Beacon also operate their own delivery network, so needed a system that could handle multiple manifests, as well as accurately link stock control across the network of stores, with instant updates from sales and orders. This includes orders placed on their website, with which RP2 integrates faultlessly.

Beacon’s MD, Nick Higgins, says of RP2:
"The RP2 system represents a fundamental part of our business; all of our staff from sales through to stores spend all day working with the Reference Point software. The preparation and move to RP2 was simple and problem free thanks to the diligent work of the Reference Point support team; there is almost a total lack of calls to the support desk as staff no longer encounter problems."

Power EC Limited

Jas Toor and Amarjit Singh are experienced, highly respected retailers. They run Power Electrical Superstores with 4 state-of-the-art showrooms, and powercentre.com which is a successful e-commerce website. They are also the driving force behind PowerDirect.co.uk, one of the country's leading online independent retailers of Consumer Electricals and Domestic Appliances. Their system of choice is RP2, which is installed at all store locations and is seamlessly integrated with both websites giving real-time stock and sales information for all transactions.

With a busy enterprise like this, Power EC Limited has to be able to rely on the stock data and arrange deliveries efficiently to keep the customers happy. RP2 from Reference Point provides the data they need, the ability to choose between multiple carriers and the ability to allocate web sales to individual sales people immediately for up-selling opportunities and to help the company maintain its reputation for unbeatable customer service.

Both directors would recommend RP2 as an invaluable tool for running an efficient and streamlined enterprise, with the added benefit of having real-time and easy to use management data at your fingertips.

Peter Tyson

Peter Tyson Audio Visual is a Leading Independent Retailer of high-end hi-fi equipment as well as DJ equipment and domestic appliances, operating from 4 store locations and with 4 thriving, specialised websites. The websites are successfully integrated with Amazon Market place, Amazon Payments and eBay.

Business has gone from strength to strength to the extent that the Admin team was struggling to meet the demands of the ever-growing web order processing. Sales and payments had to be processed from several different sales channels, next day deliveries arranged, stock levels kept up to date and at the same time, keep customers informed. The company already had Reference Point installed in the stores but the websites were causing added pressure as the system had to be updated and manually loaded with these sales too. In late November 2011 three members of the Reference Point team visited the company and introduced them to RP2.

The websites, including Amazon links, are now fully integrated with the RP2 system which has enabled them to streamline the whole process. Promotional packages sold on the website are automatically split down into their component parts on the system, simplifying stock control and ensuring accuracy of deliveries. "Value added" promotions are also dealt with automatically and added to the delivery details.

David Wynne, Sales Manager:
"RP2 has made a massive difference in terms of time pressures. Tight deadlines are now being met much more easily allowing more orders to be taken and processed per day. Staffing pressures have reduced too as the amount of extra manpower needed to run such a busy web business has significantly decreased. This has allowed us to operate in a much more efficient manner, cut costs due to errors and divert resources to other areas when required. What helped enormously was that the automation integrated with our existing websites without the need for any costly redevelopment."